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Leigh Anne Hornfeldt, editor of Two of Cups Press, is the author of 3 chapbooks, the most recent Fleshed from Winged City. She is a recipient of a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, as well as the winner of the Juliet Miller scholarship from SAFTA. Her poem “Laika” placed second in the Argos Prize competition, and in 2012 she received the Kudzu Prize for poetry. She lives and writes in North Carolina.




Alyssa Mertes graduated from Aurora University with a BA in English/Communications. She loves watching, reviewing, and writing about movies. Some of her favorites include:  Fight Club, A Clockwork Orange, and Sin City. When she’s able to take her eyes away from the screen, she spends her time outside playing and coaching volleyball and softball. Alyssa loves to laugh, be extremely goofy, and sometimes (most of the time, really) act like a kid. She also really loves food. Leftovers are always welcome.


If you’d like to send a message please use the above email or the following PO Box. (See submission guideline info for specific contests & calls.)

Two of Cups Press
PO Box 38095
Greensboro, NC 27438

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